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John Packham Chartered Accountant

I have grown my practice income by 351% since hiring Dave Wylie and his company Experience on Tap Limited.

Dave has been my business mentor and coach for the past 9 years, we meet once a week and Dave's insightful advice has helped and guided me to:

  • Step back and work on my business instead of in my business,
  • Create more family time - we made 4 overseas trips last year,
  • Reduce my work stress levels by assisting me with processes and systems,
  • Hire a good team of people around me who share my values and look after my clients with a positive approach and fast response times.

I continue to use Dave’s help as my mentor and advisor because he has that "X" factor - a unique ability to create ideas and concepts that I haven't thought of that continually help me improve my practice and create new openings and avenues for client satisfaction.